Holiday Showcase 11/14-12/20/20 Third Prize

Salem Arts Association is proud to present the Holiday Showcase in our beautiful seaside galleries!

My entry is called Sweet Tidings and I was thrilled that it was chosen for 3rd Prize in the show. This painting was the cover for Harbor Sweets’ annual Chocolate Christmas Calendar box in 2018. Yum! (acrylic, 18×18″ framed, $400.) The Guest Juror was Julie Barry, who for over a decade worked as the Director of Community Arts for the City of Cambridge’s Arts Council, and is now Director of Arts and Culture for the City of Salem, MA. Here is what she had to say about my painting:

“This work is chock-full of joyful attention to detail.   Again, with this piece we see another case of ‘the more you look the more you see’!  I stood in front of the work for more than 10 minutes exploring the scene, with its tiny delicate brush strokes, and I am still not sure I found all the hidden gems there in: a parade of animals, loosed form the pet store by a mischievous elf, on a holiday romp through the snow; other little elves peeking out here and there; the family dancing around a tree…  All of this brought so much joy and delight to see and discover – and I think it is safe to say that we could all use a bit of holiday cheer!”

The show will run from Nov 14 through Dec. 20, 2020. Gallery Hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-6pm. To visit our virtual gallery and shop, visit salemarts.org!

SAA is at 159 Derby St., Salem, MA right beside Derby Wharf and the Friendship.


Heart of History Show 11/14-12/20/20


Art is busting out all over! The Heart of History Exhibit at Salem Art Association’s gorgeous new gallery, is featuring artwork inspired by and painted at The House of the Seven Gables!

My two submissions: H7G Front Door, acrylic, 16×19″ framed, $250; and Gable Gardens, oil, 21×17″ framed, $300.

Gables Garden was done in oil as I sat in the shade under the beautiful wisteria arbors in the gardens at The House of the Seven Gables. You can see a peek of it on the left. The month was July, and the garden was in full bloom!

H7G Front Door was painted in the garden at the H7G in the springtime. The front door of The House of the Seven Gables faces the ocean. so you feel as if it is around the back! The front door is criss-crossed with metal nails placed at each cross — a sign of prosperity since houses were build using wooden pegs in those days! I was especially inspired by the strong diagonal shadow running across the front of the house. (Shown as Featured Image)

The grounds at H7G are one of my favorite places to sit and paint! Between the gardens, the historic buildings, and the ocean breezes it is heavenly!

The exhibit Heart of History can be seen at the Salem Arts Association Galleries, 159 Derby St., Salem, MA; Nov. 14 – Dec. 20. Gallery hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-6pm. Virtual Gallery and Online Shop at salemarts.org


Winter Member Show 11/14-12/24/20

The Winter Member Show at the Marblehead Arts Association will be on exhibit from November 14 to December 24, 2020. The show features the best works of the artist members of MAA.

My submission is September Light, acrylic, 16×20″, $350. This painting was created on location on a perfect September day as I sat on the rocks near Fort Sewall in Marblehead.

Marblehead Arts Association is located at 8 Hooper St., Marblehead, MA. Gallery Hours are Wednesday through Friday from noon until 5:00 p.m.,  and Saturdays from noon until 4:00 p.m. The exhibit also includes the Hoopers Treasures 8″x8″ paintings. And don’t forget to visit the lovely Artisan Shop!


Juried Member Show: 11/13 – 12/11/20

The Juried Member Show at Galleries @ Lynn Arts (GALA) will run from Nov. 13 to Dec.11 at 25 Exchange St., Lynn, MA. The theme is Media. This exhibit is based on the best work of the artists who are members of GALA. It will be organized by the artists with guidance from the staff of GALA.

I have two paintings in this show.  High Strung, acrylic, 12″x36″, $300, is a “pet portrait” of my favorite instrument, my banjo. It is painted actual size. My other entry is and Pacific Waves, acrylic, 20×25″, $250, which was inspired by a trip to California where I saw the gentle blue Pacific Ocean for the first time.

There will be both a virtual and open gallery. Hours are Fridays 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., Sat. 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and the last Sunday of the month from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00. Cheers!



Virtual Fall Art Show 2020 – 2nd Place Acrylic

The Danvers Art Association is staging a virtual Fall Art Show on the DAA website, www.thedanversart.org. which goes up November 9, 2020. Members have submitted art in many different mediums. Because of safety concerns about COVID, there will be no reception or in-person gallery time.

I have 2 entries: Twitter, acrylic, 16″x 20″, $350 –Psyched to receive Second Prize!!! 🙂  I had painted a smaller version of Twitter, inspired by bright birds in a leafless winter tree, tweeting in the morning near my window. I think it was cardinals and blue jays. It made me think of how fun it would be to paint even more colorful birds against a gray sky on a larger sized canvas.

Black Lives Matter, pastel 14″ x 18″ matted & framed, $250. This pastel was done in a virtual Zoom workshop I took at Salem Arts Assoc, taught by the fabulous artist Janet Schwartz. She had all of us do renditions of her powerful photo of the BLM march in D.C. and it was fascinating to see the many renditions of the same subject from different artists.



Small Works Holiday Fundraiser 11/14-12/24/20

 For the sixth year in a row, the MAA is offering small works at affordable pricing. The Pieces of Eight exhibit is in keeping with the MAA’s long-standing history of offering small works called Hooper’s Treasures. All paintings and other works on paper are 8″ x 8″ and are priced at $100.  Photographs and digital prints are priced at $50. Jewelry and fine crafts are priced at $50 or $100. They make great gifts for art lovers and fellow artists alike. All proceeds of this fundraiser go to support the exhibits, programming, and operations of the Marblehead Arts Association The exhibit will be hung in the Parlor gallery using a grid format for visual impact.
I am happy to be exhibiting five small paintings in this fundraiser. Two of the paintings are views of beautiful Marblehead. One is Abbot Autumn and shows a scene of the iconic landmark amidst colorful fall leaves. The other is Marblehead Light and shows the unusual lighthouse overlooking the harbor with sailboats gliding by. The other three paintings are fanciful images: Sleepy Fox, Rubber Duckies (shown as featured image), and Red Cardinal. All of the paintings are ready to hang and give as a holiday gift or treat yourself!

Melrose, MA Public Art Project 10/2020

I am excited to have been chosen to be part of The City of Melrose Wayfinding and Creative Placemaking Initiative for 2020. The project will be hosting the creative work of 9 area artists. This initiative is funded entirely from a grant secured by Mayor Brodeur last year in his capacity as State Representative. It is facilitated by Follow Your Art Community Studios.

My project is to paint a utility box on the corner of Main Street and Lynn Fells Parkway in Melrose. The design was inspired by a Newbury Award book by Elizabeth George Speare who was born in Melrose, MA. The Witch of Blackbird Pond was my childhood favorite, and was the book that cemented my love of reading.

Check out the other public art being created in Melrose, MA and this link about the initiative:   https://www.fyamelrose.org/public-art/


Hubie Halloween Movie Cameo!!! Oct. 2020

Hey! Check this out! My artwork has a cameo in Hubie Halloween! The set designers borrowed one of my painted figureheads from its lamppost in Salem and placed it in Marblehead during filming, and it survived the cutting room! Does this make me part of the Hollywood elite?

The figurehead is part of the Salem Beautification Committee’s Ladies of Salem initiative. Businesses can sponsor an artist to paint a Jenny Lind figurehead to grace a lamppost in Downtown Salem, both as an advertisement for their company and as a lovely way to make Salem even more beautiful and historical. The Jenny Lind figurehead memorializes the hand-carved figure that graced the bow of the Salem ship, Nightingale.

I have been selected to paint five Ladies of Salem. The first, which is the one chosen by the Hubie Halloween set designers, was done for Cabot Wealth Management. She is done in the colors of the company: blues and greens. Her skirt features a map of the world to signify the company’s origins in the Salem shipping trade, and her cameo is painted with a compass rose.

The next three were done for The Village Tavern, a wonderful restaurant on the Essex Street Mall. One of the Ladies is mounted over the restaurant door, right by the Salem Harbor fountain on Essex Street; the other two are displayed inside the restaurant. These figureheads’ dresses  are painted in colors shown on the company’s logo: red, brown, black and white. The outside Lady features part of the restauranteur’s collection of tap handles.

My fifth Lady of Salem was commissioned by the Beautification Committee. Salem has a well-known history in the China Trade. But the city was also a major trader in the Caribbean, some of it was regrettably and shamefully during the Triangle Trade. Some of the trade was regular shipping of fish, lumber, etc. The beautiful Caribbean Lady of Salem has a blouse which reflects the pink and coral island sunset, and her skirt is painted in the blues and greens of the warm tropical waters with schools of fish spiraling across it.

Come to Salem and find all the Ladies of Salem done by local artists for many businesses all over the Downtown area. This is a fun way to see the city and learn about Salem’s history.



Feminism & Activism Exhibit 9/18 – 11/4/20

The Galleries at Lynn Arts, GALA, is presenting an exhibit, Feminism & Activism which features art inspired by the Feminist Movement and other activism which has been inspired by the current political situation.

I am thrilled to be part of this show! My art for the exhibit is called “Dear Sirs” and uses my shorthand and typing to send messages a equal rights for women. Stenography is mostly a women’s language; these days, when it is no longer taught in most schools, it is almost a secret women’s language. So it is the ideal language to use in feminist art.

First I wrote a series of letters to the men of the world who have the power to change the system to treat women, more than half the population, fairly. One discusses equal pay and equal job opportunities, one is centered on passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, and one concerns a fair and equal split of household responsibilities. First I took the letter down in stenography on the last page of the stenography pad of my youth, then I typed them. The letters are crumpled, burned and stained with coffee mug rings to represent the long journey women have been forced to take to try to attain equal and fair treatment in the world.

Then the letters were collaged with newspaper articles which covered various aspects of Women’s Rights. An interesting and depressing fact is that all of the articles were gleaned from one regular daily Boston Globe — not a special Women’s Issue, not an issue printed on a day special to the Women’s Movement. Lastly, I smeared the whole collage with the shorthand brief form for “Dear Sirs”, done in translucent paint so the letters would show through. The color is the red of blood & lipstick. It is not painted in a gentle and lyrical way, but an angry slash. It is time for women to stick together and be angry about our unfair treatment, and to not worry about whether think it isn’t pretty.


Artoberfest — Sept. 5 through Nov. 8, 2020

Salem Arts Association members and community of artists explore Salem’s history with Autumn, Halloween, Witchcraft, and the Spirit of the season. The resulting exhibit represents diverse interpretations of the theme and how, by bringing them together, we create a collective understanding of it.

My paintings in this show are Celtic Owl and Shell Selkie, both inspired by my father’s stories of growing up in Ireland. Celtic Owl is drawn in the style of the ancient monks, with intricate woven knots and shapes filled with bright jewel tones. It is done in ink and pencil, 11″ x 14″ matted and framed, $175, and is hung in the gallery during the show.

Shell Selkie reminds me of the stories of the selkies, sea folk who spent part of their time as seals in the Irish Sea and part of their time as humans or half humans. This selkie is in  mermaid form and is holding a shell to her ear. The painting is done in cool tones with lots of the spirals that are characteristic of Irish art. Shell Selkie is painted in acrylic on 11″ x 14″ gallery wrapped canvas and the design continues along the edges of the painting so it needs no frame. It can be hung on the wall, but it’s depth allows it to stand on a shelf. It is being offered for $300, and will be part of the virtual online show because of space considerations.

The show will run from September 5 through Sunday November 8, 2020 at our new gallery location, 159 Derby Street, Salem, MA 01970. The gallery is right beside the Friendship docked at Derby Wharf, and across the street from the historic Counting House, part of the National Park Service. Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 6:00 p.m. 978-745-4850. The virtual gallery is at the Salem Arts website, www.salemarts.org