Heart of History Show 11/14-12/20/20


Art is busting out all over! The Heart of History Exhibit at Salem Art Association’s gorgeous new gallery, is featuring artwork inspired by and painted at The House of the Seven Gables!

My two submissions: H7G Front Door, acrylic, 16×19″ framed, $250; and Gable Gardens, oil, 21×17″ framed, $300.

Gables Garden was done in oil as I sat in the shade under the beautiful wisteria arbors in the gardens at The House of the Seven Gables. You can see a peek of it on the left. The month was July, and the garden was in full bloom!

H7G Front Door was painted in the garden at the H7G in the springtime. The front door of The House of the Seven Gables faces the ocean. so you feel as if it is around the back! The front door is criss-crossed with metal nails placed at each cross — a sign of prosperity since houses were build using wooden pegs in those days! I was especially inspired by the strong diagonal shadow running across the front of the house. (Shown as Featured Image)

The grounds at H7G are one of my favorite places to sit and paint! Between the gardens, the historic buildings, and the ocean breezes it is heavenly!

The exhibit Heart of History can be seen at the Salem Arts Association Galleries, 159 Derby St., Salem, MA; Nov. 14 – Dec. 20. Gallery hours: Saturdays and Sundays noon-6pm. Virtual Gallery and Online Shop at salemarts.org