North Shore Children’s Museum

I’m so excited to have three of my murals featured on the walls of the new North Shore Children’s Museum! The museum is the culmination of the successful pop-up CuriousCity Children’s Museum which was so successful in 2019. The Peabody Main Street mural has been saved from CuriousCity and enjoys its new home at the NSCM, and I have also painted the murals for the Outer Space exhibit and the Construction Corner room. My work at the NSCM has given me the opportunity to use my career experience as a teacher for 24 years and express it with my art.

Here’s what they say on their website! “The North Shore Children’s Museum believes an accessible and inclusive museum must address each visitor’s experience. The museum features hands-on exhibits designed to provide a fun and enriching learning experience for children ages 2-10. Located at 10 Main Street in downtown Peabody, the museum is in the heart of the North Shore, serving children from Northeast Massachusetts and beyond.

Each hands-on experience in the North Shore Children’s Museum explores different themes to tap into a child’s imagination. From building and designing to investigating new materials to reading and engaging in dramatic play, learning has never been so fun! Unique workshops and classes will also be offered.”