Painting Commission — Salem Common

My newest commission is a painting of Salem Common in Salem, MA done entirely in black and white. The painting is done in acrylic paint on gallery-wrapped canvas and is 20″ x 40″.

I was glad to be asked to create a painting of Salem Common because it is a place I love to visit to walk around the paths, to sit and read, or simply to people-watch. It also holds many wonderful memories for me. There is a children’s playground in one corner where I took my own children when they were small, and where I now bring my grandchildren. I have taken many romantic strolls there with my husband during our 45 years together. Lots of good memories!

I wanted to include the iconic bandstand, the historic archway, and the lovely black wrought iron fence as well as portray the paths, the large grassy area and the lovely old trees. I purposely kept The Commons free of people so that each time it was viewed, the viewer could picture him or herself in the painting doing whatever inspired him/her at that particular  moment. It was an interesting and challenging exercise to paint all this greenery in shades of black, white, and gray!