COVID: Mi Libro/ My Book

     I’m so happy to have my artwork chosen to be part of the “Massachusetts Call for Creatives” to make art which will help inform local people about the dangers of the pandemic. My wee booklet about what kids can do to stay healthy will be distributed in the Salem Point neighborhood. One sheet of printer paper can be folded into a little pocket size book. (Everything I ever needed to know I learned teaching Kindergarten!) @northshorecdc and @urban.art.museum
     The North Shore Community Development Commission (CDC) asked artists to develop COVID-19 resources that would speak to their community. They have now announced the 25 artworks that have been selected to be shared with the community. The winning works include posters, stickers, songs, educational materials, etc. 
     As a retired teacher, my mind went immediately to designing something that could be used with children. My project is a tiny booklet in Spanish and English titled COVID: Mi Libro/ My Book. It is black and white sheet that can be colored by children and folded into a pocket-sized booklet. The booklet about COVID safety is printed on one side, and the directions for folding are on the other side. Once the booklet is folded, the instructions are hidden. The booklet is full of happy, diverse children doing their part to keep themselves and their community safe from COVID. The fact that it can be printed using only one sheet of paper makes it useful in schools, day care centers, camps, and at home!
     The CDC encourages you to share and enjoy! To see the 25 artworks that are part of this project go to https://bit.ly/308VJjY